Where Does It Go


45% – Missionary Base Salary

The basis of the support need, this sustains a missionary’s modest, yet adequate livelihood.

21% – Missionary Benefits

SAM missionaries and their families receive core benefits of access to health insurance and means to save for retirement.

11% – Ministry

Missionaries engage in strategic ministries to achieve a vision, and frequently contribute to ministry an even greater percentage of donated resources.

11% – Organizational Impact

Mobilize, Lead, Equip – these are vital ministries that SAM carries out on behalf of missionaries and ministries in South America.

8% – Income Adjustments for Living Expenses

Extra support is designated to offset certain living expenses that vary from country to country and depending on family situations.

2% – Field Leadership

The countries where SAM works are called mission fields. Each field incurs costs associated with managing and facilitating ministry and caring for missionaries.

2% – Communication

Whether in print, via email, or on the internet, missionaries invest in communication with their supporters to insure the engagement of the body of Christ as it participates together in fulfilling the Great Commission.