October 6, 2017 | Melissa Weissenberger

We discussed this and prayed over it since February, but it felt like the move happened so quickly.

We could not move without job security for Chris, and he found a company back in February which he greatly desired to join, but it felt like a waiting game until mid-September. Here’s the flash-bang of it all:

– Wed, Sept 13: Chris is contacted and requested for a phone interview
– Fri, Sept 15: Chris has a successful phone interview
– Mon, Sept 18: Chris is requested to come down to Charlotte for a final in-person interview
– Wed, Sept 20: We travel to Charlotte and Chris interviews with the company
– Thurs, Sept 21: We look at what feels like a million housing options around town
– Fri, Sept 22: Chris is offered a full-time position
– Mon, Sept 25: Chris accepts
– Tues, Sept 26: our housing application is approved for the home we loved the most
– Sun, Oct 1: we pack up everything we own
– Mon, Oct 2: we move

And it all happened right at the moment when my heart began to get antsy. We knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this move to Charlotte was our next step, and we hoped that this company, and this specific home in this community, were where we were headed. We simply had to wait until the right moment.

The move

Our move was successful and easy for a few reasons: so many incredible people helped prepare us for this moment, and two particularly wonderful and treasured people came along for the ride.

Moving Pic

My best friend and my brother came out to help us with the packing up and unpacking of our lives and it felt so heart-warming to have them nearby. They haven’t seen each other since our wedding back in 2013, so it was a true reunion in many ways.

It also helps that we moved into a community and home that excites us:


We’ve officially been in this home for 4 days, but each day provides ample opportunity to explore and “settle”.

The jobs

Chris starts on Monday as a front-end developer for a digital marketing agency near center city Charlotte. He’s excited to jump back into the tech world and to join a team of incredible minds.

On the 16th, I start at the headquarters for South America Mission as a content developer for web and print publications. So many people in our home office were the first to introduce me to SAM and its ministries back in 2011, and I am thrilled to join them in ministry.

Since returning Stateside, our financial support levels settled just below the goal. In September, we received approximately $1200 in donations and the monthly goal is $1500 for me to work at the home office. We are 20% away from being fully funded and would ask that you pray over joining our financial team to enable our continued work with the mission.


As we begin this new “chapter” of life, many things change for us. Currently, we’re allowing ourselves to put down roots and create a feeling of “home” even though we won’t rent this house forever. We’re attempting to become part of a community that neither of us lived in before. Even more importantly, we are beginning the process of evaluating the longevity of our stay in Charlotte.

For those of you who love our little fur-friends, their transition was smoother than expected. They currently tolerate each other, even though they met for the first time on Monday:


There are many decisions that await us in regards to finding a church and becoming active in our community. We know that our success and ease in all of this thus far has been due to the grace of God and the encouragement of all of you. We also know that we do not enter these exciting and unknown beginnings alone.

Thank you for your unwavering love and continual support!

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Monthly donations sustain our ministry, and you can help. We're $300/mo away from being fully funded, and any monthly gift you give helps us immensely. Whether that's $100, $50, or $10 a month, your donations make a difference.


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