Posts from March 2016



If you’ve been hearing all the hype about Zika, I have a worse word for you: Dengue. Zika’s symptoms are significantly more mild in comparison to Dengue (which is a similar mosquito-born illness). The only real threat with Zika is if you are pregnant (which I am not and do not plan on being any…



Today is Father’s Day in Bolivia. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around Father’s Day being in March–but yesterday we celebrated at school. I have had the privilege of coaching and supervising the newly created Student Council at our school. They created the idea and initiative to hold a “festival” after school yesterday…



Though I had a good stretch during my adolescence where I was consistently angry with the people around me, I would never describe myself as an “angry” person. I often, honestly, avoid feeling angry at all costs. I much prefer to deal with my emotions slowly and patiently, considering my feelings of frustrations and disappointment…