Posts from November 2015



This week was a much needed break from our routine.¬†We only had 3 days of school this week, as we were given off for Thanksgiving on Thursday and Friday. Tuesday was a “wacky tacky” day where students (and teachers) could dress up in mismatched clothing just for fun. We did not disappoint. By Wednesday, I…



Here’s a general update on our life recently: I think it’s fair to say that we’ve finally gotten into a “rhythm”. That’s not to say that we by any means have a routine–it’s near impossible to have a set, regular, reliable routine here. However, we finally can admit to feeling more or less “settled” and…



Today we got back from Sucre, Bolivia’s constitutional capital, and might I just say: it’s incredible! We had two reasons for going to Sucre: 1) One of my seniors competed in a national Judo competition in Sucre this weekend. 2) Chris wanted to celebrate our completion of 1,000 days of marriage! Judo I must admit……