Posts from August 2015



We came home from school today and found that our front gate was opened. It was a slow revelation as we noticed the back doors were open and the drawers in the office looked kind of funky. It wasn’t until Chris went upstairs to our room that we finally realized someone had been in our…



With 4 days left until school starts, we can feel the pressure in every passing minute. There is a seemingly limitless amount of work to get done and each day we have to decide what thing will not be accomplished that day so that other things can be. With this daily decision making, it can…



I typically make book suggestions on a personal basis, after I really know a person and can suggest something I’m positive they’ll enjoy, but this book suggestion comes from my sheer excitement. I’ve been reading this book the past week and have found that each chapter (along with its glorious self-reflection questions) has me consistently…